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Clients, Friends, Links - Wouldn't Be Here Without Them

When you have spent this much time in the music business, your list of clients and friends grows very long.  The following list includes people who have recorded at Awesome Works and working musicians/bands/artists who have had a part in my life, either in the studio, on the road, on the stage or.....well, you get the point! I am sure there have been many left out and I will add them when they come to mind!




Abbie Welch                                                                                                                                    

Al Alford

Albert Talley – Texas Steel Guitar Association -

Alex Winters

Alice Sulak – Tom Sefcik Hall

Allen Brown

Allison Kraussen

Amanda Brown

Astral Plane Studios -

Bill Barr

Bill Carmona

Bill Dearmore

Billy Havlik

Billy Holt -

Billy Ray - Shooter 92.9

Bishops Alley

Blaine Younger Band

Bobby Dean

Bode Barker

Branded Duo

Brandon Dobbs

Brian Harkness

Briar Branch Road

Bruce & Shara Repka

Bruce Mercer

Bubba Cox -

Buddy Emmons

Calvary Cowboys

Chris Brade

Chris Favors

Chris Kelly

Chuck Landry

Clay Blaker

Clint Strong

Cody Joe Hodges -

Cotton Club Steakhouse & Saloon -

Cross Canandian Ragweed

Curtis Potter

Darrell McCall

Darren Kolbe

Dave Beatty – Telonics

Dave Ramos

David Kyle

David Scafe – Heart of Texas Music

Dennis Hardwick – Heart of Texas Music

Derek “Opie” Rigdon

Don Crum

Doug Boggs

Doug Weisbrook

Ed Ziegler

Edward Kopecsky and the Fun Time Czech Band

Elaine Stapleton

Fred Justice – Justice Steel Guitar

Frenchie Burke

Fritz Hodde and the Fabulous Six

Gene Watson

Glen Fleming

Gonzalo “Goni” Berrios

Hank Stone

Harlan Kubos

Harley Dean

Heart of Texas Music

Holly Tucker – The Voice, Season 4, Final 6 -

Hoyt Stacy

International Steel Guitar Association – St Louis MO

Jack Strayhorn

Jackie Harmon

Janice Maynard

Jared "Pete" Gile

Jason Boland

Jay & Tammy Roy

Jeremy Watkins

Jerry Haisler and the Melody Five

Jerry Tubb – Terra Nova Digital Audio -

Jillian Lindsey (Howell)

Joe Johns

Joe Rogers

John Richey

John Stacy

Johnny Bush

Johnny Tex

Josh Hayward - Astral Plane Studios -

Jovina Harris

Judi Boston - Sonnen Productions

Junior Knight

Keith Hilton – Hilton Pedals

Kellie McWain

Kenny Harrell

Kenny Ortz

Kevin “Clackston” Carter

Kevin Mertz

Koleton Thorpe

Lance Stacy

Laron Tubb

Larry Ratajczak

Larry Toliver – West Texas Steel Guitar Association

Last Call Band

Lefty Schrage - Northeast Iowa Steel Guitar Show

Lon Holland

Luke Bishop

Malcolm Kirby – Discount String Warehouse

Mark Richey

Michael & Angela Mahler

Michael Morris

Midnight Backhand

Mike Johnson

Mike McClure

Milo Deering

Moses Guest

Murnell Babineaux

Nick Landis – Terra Nova Digital Audio -

Northeast Steel Guitar Association – Waterloo IA

Old Coupland Inn – Tim & Barbara Worthy

Ozark Steel Guitar Association – Branson MO -

Pat Strimska

Paul Skaggs – Branded Duo

Paula Brown

PJ Price

Randy Corner

Rankin Peters

Reece Lyles

Richard Comeaux

Rita & Mike Jones

Rittenberry Steel Guitars – Gary Rittenberry

Robert Holder

Robert Welch – Branded Duo

Rodney Pyeatt

Roger Miller - Northeat Iowa Steel Guitar Show

Roger Ray

Scott Barr

Shane Mallory

Shorty Grisham

Sid Hudson

Six Sanchez

Southern Fried Chicken

Southwest Steel Guitar Association – Phoenix AZ -

Steve Allison

Steve Hennig

Steve Kellogg

Steve Maynard

Steve Story

Stoney Larue

Susan Craig

Taylor Czech Chorus

TC Taylor

Terra Nova Digital Audio -

Terry Bethel – Ozark Steel Guitar Association

Terry Taylor

Texas Steel Guitar Association – Dallas TX -

Texas Workforce Commission

The Shelleys

The Vaneks

The Vrazels Polka Band

TJ Beck

Tommy Detamore

Tucker Peterson

Wally West

West Texas Steel Guitar Association - Merkel, TX

West Texas Steel Guitar School - Merkel, TX -

Wicked Brew

Wild Horses Band

Willie Kalusa



Steve Palouseks's Awesome Works Recording Studio TX, 2013.

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