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The Rates - What You Need to Know


Rates can vary depending on the type of project.  We typically charge by the hour for studio time, but you can buy a block of time, pay a per day rate or we can figure an estimated total project cost.


There are many factors involved.  Is this a full production project or a demo? Who will be producing the project? Are you wanting a project that is just you and your guitar, or with your vocals, or with your band?  Don't have a band and need professional musicians? How many songs will be recorded?  How many instruments and what instruments will you be tracking for your project?  How many vocal parts will there be? Will you be singing any or all the vocals?  Do you have charts or will you need charts written?  Have all of your songs been arranged or do you need professional assistance with that? Have you ever been to a recording studio?  

These are just some of the questions that will need to be answered before a project can be started!


We ask all potential clients to make an appointment to tour the studio, meet the staff and spend an hour or so talking about the project.  We ask that you bring a "sample" of what you do. It can be as simple as a recording on your cell phone, we just want to hear something.   We want you to be comfortable about working with us and we want to be comfortable working with you.  At that meeting, we will ask those questions mentioned above, and more,  to estimate the total cost of your project and explain how and for what you will be charged.  


These are typically the types of charges involved with any project:

Production - Acquisition of musicians, equipment, materials, arrangements, collaboration, etc. needed for the project.

Studio Time - The hours involved in tracking instruments and/or vocals, fine-tuning and the mixing of all tracks.

Professional Musician Fees - What the musicians will be charging for their services.  These rates vary among our different musicians.

Mastering Fees - We DO NOT offer mastering.  We can in cases of  certain budgets, but it is not our specialty.  We recommend Terra Nova Digital Audio in Austin. (We use them on our own projects!)

Duplication/Packaging Fees - The charges for design of your CD cover and the duplication and packaging of your project.  We DO NOT offer these services,  The charges vary from company to company.  We recommend Disc Makers or CD Baby.

Promotion/Management -  A Promoter/Manager charges you a fee and helps you get radio air play and appearances.  We DO NOT offer these services.


If you are considering a 10 to 12 song project, using your own band, without alot of instruments and vocals to track, and will not be needing alot of studio time to track, fine-tune and mix, you can estimate studio costs starting at approximately $2500.00.  You then will need to add Mastering and Duplication/Packaging.   You can figure approximately $4000.00 minimum for 1000 CD's.


If you are considering a 10 to 12 song project needing professional musicians and vocalists, you can figure anywhere from $7000.00 to $10,000.00 in studio costs and approximately another $2000.00 minimum for Mastering and Duplication/Packaging for 1000 CD's.


Please keep in mind that the quality of musicians and the number of instruments and vocals can greatly affect the amount of time needed for tracking, fine-tuning and mixing. The better each "component", the less studio time is needed. The less studio time needed, the lower your costs.


All of that being said, here are our basic charges:**

By the hour - $75.00 per hour

By the day ( 8 hours ) - $550.00 per day

By the 12 hour block of time - $800.00 per 12 hour block

By the Project - 25% deposit, 50% after initial tracking and scratch vocals, 25% after approval and completion.

Musicians by the song - $60.00 - $100.00 per song.  Most of our professional instrumentalists and vocalists charge $75.00 - $100.00 per song.

Production fees - $400.00


** These charges are subject to change at any time.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time We want to be sure your studio experience is the best for you and your budget!




















Steve Palouseks's Awesome Works Recording Studio TX, 2013.

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